If you are a borderlands resident, remember that humanitarian aid is NEVER a crime.

We can all do our part to provide direct humanitarian aid to help protect the lives of those in danger in the militarized borderlands. If you need assistance providing aid to people in distress, contact our office at 520-398-3093 and be sure to leave a message. This is not an emergency hotline, response time depends on volunteer capacity.

Donate with PayPal or Credit/Debit Card

PHP is entirely funded by donations. Please consider giving to support our projects. Donate online or send us a check made payable to “People Helping People/AFGJ” and mail to People Helping People, PO Box 826 Arivaca, AZ 85601.  

Donate materials! Check out our Amazon Wishlist for the most up-to-date needed items that are linked to automatically ship to us or use the list below for items always in high demand. Please ship any supplies to People Helping People, PO Box 826 Arivaca, AZ 85601.

We invite Arivaca locals to volunteer their time to help keep Arivaca Borderlands Support open and support PHPs mission!

Contact us at or 520-398-3093 if you are interested in getting trained.
As part of our campaign, we independently monitor Border Patrol checkpoints. We bear witness to deter abuse and hold law enforcement accountable. All monitors must go through a training. Contact us at to learn more.

Arrange a fundraiser or speaking event at your college or in your community! PHP members are available to travel to give presentations about our work in the borderlands.

We request an honorarium to support our continued efforts in the community. Contact us at if you are interested in arranging a talk.