Providing Aid in the desert our community THE BORDERLANDS


PHP is an organization dedicated to demilitarizing the borderzone + supporting residents in providing humanitarian aid to people in distress in the desert. Learn more about who we are, what we do, + how to help.


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PHP Arivaca is completely funded by donations. Ways you can support our mission + efforts: Donate funds online; mail a check; send supplies; donate your time/skills. Our organization is 100% volunteer run + all support goes towards our mission.

Our mission is to support borderlands residents in providing humanitarian aid + crisis relief to prevent death + suffering in the borderlands.

Founded in 2012, People Helping People in the Border Zone (PHP) is an all-volunteer community organization. We work together for the protection of human life, regardless of immigration status. We organize to stop Border Patrol abuse and the militarization of the borderlands.

Arivaca is located in the eastern Sonoran Desert where the Border Patrol strategy of “Prevention Through Deterrence” pushes migrants and refugees into a deadly crossing. Our community lives in the midst of this crisis of disappearance in the borderlands.

Border enforcement militarization indefinitely occupies our town. Immigration checkpoints on all major roads, helicopters flying low over our homes, and Border Patrol agents armed for war are all around us. Racial profiling, harassment, and intimidation by federal agents are part of our daily lives.


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