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Arivaca Community Members to Hold Press Conference at Border Patrol Tucson Sector Headquarters

When: Wednesday, January 22nd at 11am

Where: 2430 South Swan, Tucson, Arizona

What: Residents of Arivaca will make a statement to members of the press announcing next steps in their ongoing campaign to remove the checkpoint on Arivaca Rd.


On Sunday, December 8th, over 150 Arivaca residents and supporters marched to the Border Patrol checkpoint on Arivaca Road to deliver a petition calling for the checkpoint’s immediate removal, signed by over one third onf the town’s residents and 10 local businesses. The petition cited ineffectuality, rights violations, racial profiling, negative effects on the local economy, increases in migrants deaths, and overall detriment to quality of life among other impacts of having the “temporary” checkpoint continuing to operate in this area. Residents gave Border Patrol sector chief one month to respond to the community petition. That date–January 8th–has come and gone with no word from Border Patrol. In response to the apparent disinterest of the agency in the community where it operates, Arivaca residents will travel to Sector Chief Manual Padilla’s office at the Tucson Border Patrol Sector Headquarters to make a statement to the press announcing the next steps in their campaign.

For more information contact:

People Helping People in the Border Zone Media Team


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