Border Communities Day Of Action

The May 27th community hearing at the Arivaca Road checkpoint was a huge success! Please see the full press release here, and check out this video!

imageOn May 29th, Grijalva’s Office Said, “Padilla Refuses To Attend Congressional Hearing”.CGB_kh4VEAAEmyK

After Padilla told community members at the demonstration on the 27th that he would like to dialog with us and hear our concerns, his refusal to attend a congressional hearing only proves that he himself, and the Department of Homeland Security have little interest in border communities and the people who live there.

Please call in to US Congressman Grijalva’s office to demand that he deliver on his promise to hold a federal hearing about the closure of the checkpoint.  Last year, the Congressman came to Arivaca and promised us that he would hold an Ad-Hoc Congressional hearing before Department of Homeland Security officials.  However, Rep. Grijalva never set a date for the hearing.

Call in today to demand that he keep his word to our community!  We need your support!

Please call ALL of Rep. Grijalva’s offices:




The action at the checkpoint on Arivaca Road in Amado, AZ was part of a regional  day of action. See the coalition press release for more details.  Go to for more info on the action in Arivaca as well as actions happening throughout the borderlands. Updates can also be found via twitter @May27DayOfAction or on the End Border Patrol Checkpoints Facebook page.