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Second Day Checkpoint Monitoring – 3/1/14

It was cold and rainy, and even after push back from BP and threat of arrest, the monitors stuck it out for over 4 hours.


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First Day Checkpoint Monitoring – 2/26/14
Six volunteers paved the way in a community effort to monitor the BP checkpoint on Arivaca Road.  Along with the six monitors, others gathered to show support.  Despite harassment and push back from BP it was a successful first day.


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Arivacans Rally At Checkpoint And Deliver Petition 12/8/13
Over 100 Arivaca residents and supporters marched to the BP checkpoint to deliver a petition demanding the immediate removal of the inland checkpoint on Arivaca Road in Amado, AZ.

Residents Speak Out Against the Checkpoint

Residents voice their feelings about the Border Patrol Checkpoint on Arivaca Rd. during the December 8th rally to deliver the petition calling for its removal.

Rally to Remove the Checkpoint

On Sunday, December 8th, 2013 Arivaca Residents gathered to rally at the checkpoint on Arivaca Rd. and deliver their petition demanding its immediate removal.

Photo and video of the December 8th rally to remove the checkpoint on Arivaca Rd.

Living With Border Patrol Checkpoints

In July 2013 residents of Arivaca, Arizona began a campaign to remove the Border Patrol checkpoint on the road through their town. Local residents speak to their experiences with the checkpoint and the ways in which it has affected local life.